Google has gone public with its love for fast loading pages. These pages get better user response because less users abandon these fast pages having got bored while they were still loading. For the same reason, Google also considers page speed as one of the factors in its ranking algorithm.

Do your web sites’ pages load fast? What are you doing to make this better? One of the easiest ways is to use the Page Speed add-on for Firefox and to analyze your top pages with it. Implement the suggestions and you will make major progress in the Page speed score. Well, this does require high level understanding of the servers, web hosts and web design but the benefits are well worth the time spent. We have some Page Speed Improvement tips here.

If you want external help, feel free to contact us – we have helped several sites go from a score of 71 to 90+. and the 2nd page onwards load even faster. So you will have better rankings and higher conversion rates from the users. Very useful if you use Adwords or a similar PPC model for getting traffic.

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How does your web site look when viewed through an iPhone or a Blackberry? Do you know that smartphones like iPhones and Blackberries are increasingly being used to search for information on the Internet and also to view different web sites?

If your regular web site does not render well on these devices (because they are made for the wide screen of the regular desktops and laptops), the mobile users will be unable to view the required information and request for a quote. They will give up on your web site and go to the site of a competitor. Whoops!

It is easy to solve this problem. All you need is a specially designed web site that is ‘made for’ the small screens of the smartphones and renders clearly on these. The information has to be compact (like that used on the Google Adwords) and directly usable. Also you need to put up prominent links to call for more information or a simple form that they can fill up easily.

Check out our mobile web design service and start tapping into the large population that carries the Internet in their pocket. You will be able to recover your small investment very soon. A client of us is already getting about 5 to 10 leads per day, within days of going live with their mobile site.

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We have released a small business marketing plan for small businesses that serve a small area like a city or a town. You may be providing home improvement services, be a florist or offering a catering service. You may be having a small fine dining restaurant at the downtown.

Whatever you do, you need to be highly visible on the Internet because people are now searching for vendors and shops on the Internet. Yes, even from their mobiles. Have you put out a yellow pages ad and hoping for the best?

Check out this affordable small business marketing plan and you can look forward to new business leads at a regular pace.

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We get a lot of inquiries from people who have registered with ebizelindia or some other companies marketing educational courses on multi-level-marketing (MLM) basis.

This is to clarify that we have no connection with this company and you may kindly visit their website to get further details and clarification for your concerns.

We do not sell educational courses, nor deal in MLM products. We offer web design, development, promotion and maintenance services.

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If you have a website related to home improvement industry in UK, we can help you market it much more effectively and get many more business leads from the prospects than you are getting now.

As Internet marketing experts who have been helping some leading companies in UK market their products through the Internet much more effectively, we have a good understanding of the market and your website will produce much better results after our makeover.

We take web maintenance assignments wherein we constantly improve the various sections on the site as well do publicity for your site to improve the search engine rankings. We also improve the conversion rate for the visitors to prospects, who have requested a quote from you.

Read more details about the entire service portfolio for our web maintenance services here.

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