Web Maintenance Service

Are you looking for a reliable tech team, which can take care of keeping your website working at top performance level?

We are working with several clients on a monthly retainer, taking care of their SEO and digital marketing initiatives. We also keep their web site and the blog running at high page loading speed and also keep improving the security against hacking and phishing attacks. We call it the 3S service – SEO, speed, and security.

Web Maintenance Case Study

One of our clients in the home improvement industry in the UK, has grown from < 100 leads per day to ~1,000 leads per day. With a much better conversion rate and therefore ROI, they can now afford to invest more on ads and ramp up the leads’ volume even more.

Another client in India, a tax practice and consulting company has a very popular site and blog. They are also having consistently improving results from their site with the help of our consulting services.

There are several such clients, many of which have an NDA and hence we cannot disclose the details.

Our web maintenance service covers

We can help in the following ways …

  • update the site based on the latest SEO practices.
  • make the site as fast as can be.
  • improve the security of the site on an ongoing basis.
  • add new features and functionality to your software.
  • improve the usability for improving the user experience.
  • test different versions of the web pages to see which will produce better results using split tests.
  • improve the design of your website.
  • change the images or write up as required by you.
  • change the working of the current software for web-based software

Who do we work with?

We are working with several clients in UK, USA, and India, providing one or more of the above services.

Please note that we are not very cheap, though we provide an excellent Return on Investment. Our tech team is passionate about your success and our work. Our interactions with you will demonstrate this quite clearly.

Let us discuss

We are comfortable with a Proof of Concept and Test of Compatibility project if you want.

Contact us here and we can discuss how we can be a good fit for each other.