Compliance Tracking Software

Have you missed a deadline and paid interest and/or steep penalties? Tracking the 100s of statutory compliances is a nightmare for any decent-sized organisation. Add the several other deadlines like rent, insurance payments, license renewals and you can easily visualise the headache.

Introducing CTRACKER

CTRACKER is a compliance and deadline tracking system. Your entire team can use it from anywhere, anytime as this system is hosted on the Internet. It’s easy to add one-time or recurring compliances and the system sends you reminders at preset times.

How can I download the software?

You don’t need to download or install anything. Once your account is set up, just log in and start using it.

I am using Google Calendar for this purpose. Why should I switch to CTRACKER?

* Google Calendar does not allow you to mark jobs as completed or aborted. CTRACKER does.

* It is difficult to set multiple reminders. Super easy with CTRACKER.

* You (and your entire team) also need a Google account to use the Calendar. with CTRACKER, you can use any email ID.

* It is very challenging in Google Calendar to see missed tasks after the deadline has passed. CTRACKER keeps on reminding you until you complete or abort the compliance.

Can you give an example of the types of deadlines we can track?

Sure. You can track these deadlines and more:
GST, Professional tax, TDS, Income tax, advance tax, ESI, PF, property tax, trade license, credit cards, rent, contract renewal dates, job delivery dates, license renewal dates, sales follow-up dates… the list is endless.

Check out the benefits of using CTRACKER, the Online Compliance Tracking System. It is very affordable and does not charge you on a per-user basis. You can add any number of team members who can assign compliances to themselves or another team member.