Faster Site Gets Better Rankings and More Business

Google rewards a faster site with better rankings. Do you want to get more business from your site? Don’t let your visitors leave your site and visit the competitors’ because your site takes forever to load.

Why suffer in silence? Let us make your sites load faster and improve its results by a big margin.

What’s wrong if your site is slow?

Well, the users are an impatient lot and they don’t want to wait for a long time to see your site load. More so if they are seeing it on a mobile. For the same reason, Google penalises slow sites with worse rankings. Slow sites slowly go down in rankings as Google finds that people do not stay on it and click the BACK button all the time.

How can you make your website faster?

You need to make it load as fast as possible. Within 3 seconds if you can.

We understand that this is a highly technical job and you might need expert help. We have experts on our team who understand and can quickly analyse the different reasons your site is slow.

We find out the lowest hanging fruits that will give a quick boost to the loading speed. Then we continue to tweak the site to gain more speed on an ongoing basis for an agreed period.

Your rankings will start improving, users will stay longer on the site – reading more content, buying things or maybe, submitting a quote request.

We submit a before and after report to demonstrate the speed improvement our work has generated.

How much will a faster site cost?

Your investment depends on your site’s present status as well as its complexity. The platform on which it is built, like WordPress, Drupal, Magento also plays a role. There are several other factors that have an impact. We share a FREE pre-work report along with the estimate fee.

The typical investment starts at $300 one time. Most sites can get very good results for around $500. While the site speed needs to be continuously updated and you need a retainer for this, a one-time investment can set you up for a good initial setup.

Contact us with your website address (URI) for an estimate and status report. Once you approve, we put the improvement plan into action.