Business Management Software Development

Manage your business much more efficiently!

In today’s competitive world, you need an efficient business management software to manage company operations. Other than accounts, there are several operational aspects where good workflow software from Ebizindia can boost the productivity and profits of your company.

This could include one or more of leads follow up system, customer relation management, dealers’ and customers’ order management, offsite expenses tracking, document management, leave approval system or other operational areas.

Most companies use spreadsheet software like Excel for such work or different desktop software. However, these have got several limitations like lack of interlinking and different user interfaces.

Introducing Business Operations Management System!

Our business operations management system, custom-built to per your exact requirements, can be deployed over the cloud or your own server and all authorized members of your company can log in and operate it. This is available 24×7 from anywhere. Check out our Compliance Tracking Software as other samples of our work.

Web Maintenance Services

We also offer high-class web maintenance services for your web-based software and websites. We can update the content and the operating logic as well as build new modules as per your needs so that these remain useful and valuable despite changing needs. No need for expensive in-house technical staff that can only handle a few areas.

About Ebizindia

At Ebizindia, led by the principal consultant, Arun Agrawal, our team works with selected clients and offers highly personalized services. You will find our turnaround for most projects to be much quicker than your expectations.

We have a responsive tech team that understands your requirement, builds a comprehensive scope of work and then develops a user-friendly software with excellent User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). We can use APIs from different services as well as build new APIs for integration with other tools and services.

We take great pride in the fact that more than 90% of our clients continue to work with us for several years after their initial assignment. We have many clients whom we are serving for more than 13 years.


We have sincere gratitude to our clients who assign us responsibilities for improving their business results with our software development and digital marketing activities. Here are some testimonials from them.

How can YOU begin?

Want to try us before committing bigger? We can build a pilot project for you to demonstrate how much value we bring to the table.

Call +91-9831027107 or contact us here and we can discuss the details.