3S Services – Speed, Security and SEO

Speed, Security and SEO are the foundation of your website or the blog that generate handsome profits for you. Your website has to score very high marks in each of these parameters so that it can perform well in the search results as well as convert more visitors to prospects and customers.

Get such scores for your website too.


Your site might be slow due to large images, unoptimised script loading sequence, and several other reasons. We take care of updating the site structure and integrate a Content Delivery Network (CDN) where suitable. This results in vastly improved loading speed from the location where your main clientele reside.

One of our clients has 97% of the traffic being served by the CDN, resulting in very fast page loading time and heavily reduced server load. This results in better user experience (UX) and massive savings in hosting cost, every month.


Who wants to have a site that can be hacked easily or used to corrupt the leads database or even stolen customer data? Our security enhancement service increases the resilience of the site with updated security related settings and form validations to heavily reduce the risk of getting hacked.

You are well aware of the cost of a down website. Sites that have large traffic volume can lose 1000s or millions of Dollars with a few hours of downtime.

This also improves the handling of DDOS attacks through enhanced Firewall rules.


Paid search traffic like Adwords, Facebook campaigns produce the fastest results and excellent ROI with a good site and landing pages. However, the site has to have very good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to rank well and get free traffic as much as possible. Even the paid traffic works well with an optimised website.

We update the pages and improve the structure of your site with the latest white-hat strategies to get great scores on the SEO rating tools. This includes application of the schema tags, content updates and better internal linking to push the important pages up in the ranking hierarchy.

We will also update the content and images as well as create new landing pages for your campaigns to get better ROI with your traffic. This will help you to get more traffic at lower investment.

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