WordPress SEO, Speed, & Security

By master | September 13, 2020
wordpress seo, speed & security

The three major properties of a WordPress blog that help it rank better and get more loyal readers – WordPress SEO, Speed & Security. If you can take good care of these 3S services, your website can be much more profitable.

Let’s understand these in detail:

WordPress SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of updating your blog to make it more compatible with search engines. If the technical parameters of your site and the content match the established rules, you rank better and higher. Just this much cannot get you top rankings. However, it is nearly impossible to get top rankings without WordPress SEO.

WordPress Speed

Google recommends the ideal website load time to be under 3 seconds. The visitors start getting impatient and may bail out if your blog loads in more than 3 seconds.

Several factors affect blog loading speed – large graphics and image files, slow servers, and improper loading order for supporting files like JS and CSS. Some WordPress blogs load several plugins and that slows it down. We need to keep the needed plugins and delete the rest.

A slow blog generally results in a high bounce rate and risk losing potential readers and customers. You can check the page loading time through several tools like webpagetest.org, GTMETRIX, and like.

Once you have identified the main culprits, you can take steps to reduce the problems and make the site load faster. Most blog owners will find that visitors stay on the site for longer periods, read more posts, and may become regular readers.

WordPress Security

According to Forbes, 30,000 websites get hacked every day. A secure blog minimizes the risk of getting hacked and become that target of phishing or spamming.

It also builds trust among your readers. Google highlights sites not loaded as HTTPS with a “Not secure” label.

Don’t lose vital company and customer data that puts your business at risk. The cost of cleaning up a hacked blog is much higher than the cost of applying protection measures. Thus, maintaining site safety is of utmost importance.

The traffic coming from Google search (or Bing or any other search engine) is free. Hence, the more the better. Even if you have to resort to paid marketing like Adwords ads, a well-tuned site can result in a lower cost per click. The conversion potential also goes higher, thereby increasing the overall ROI (Return On Investment).

The team at eBizIndia, led by the principal consultant Arun Agrawal, is highly skilled and experienced with working on the 3S services and improving the overall blog performance.

● We maintain your WordPress blog for better results with the same investment in getting traffic.
● We create landing pages to match the page content to the visitor’s intent.
● We improve the blog to be as fast as possible.
● We enhance the blog security to make it highly resilient to hacking attacks.