PWA – Progressive Web Applications

By master | October 31, 2020

Why you should consider a PWA for your Business?

As more and more people use a smartphone to access your website and applications, you need to adopt new technologies like a PWA to serve them for better user experience.

In 2015, Google introduced the concept of Progressive Web Apps and since then companies have been investing in this technology to reach and engage consumers. To understand how it is beneficial for your business, let us understand the concept of PWA.

What is a PWA?

PWA is a hybrid technology where a website meets an app. It is a website with added functionalities of a native app and provides an experience of both.

Benefits of PWAs

  1. Progressive – PWA works on all browsers and devices. it starts with some basic functionality and adds more features and better interface if the device is more capable.
  2. App-like – While it is a website, it gives the feel of an app to the user with a home page icon. There is no URL bar and the feel is very much like an app.
  3. Real-time data – The PWA load cached data on start-up and update it with the real-time data immediately after loading.
  4. Connectivity independent – It can work even when the Internet connection is not there or the connection is sketchy.
  5. Requires no downloads – You don’t need to download a PWA from an app store. Thus, you can access it right away by entering the URL in the browser during the first use. Later you can just click on the icon on the mobile home page.
  6. No approval required – You do not face any There are no approval delays that are due to the app stores. You can also update it on your site and the users will get the new version fast.
  7. Sharable – you can share it easily, through email or social media using a URL.
  8. Secure – PWA is served with HTTPS, preventing any external intrusion during data transfer from the server to the user’s device.
  9. Searchable – It is searchable on the web and helps in improving the SEO ranking.

Technologies behind Progressive Web App

  1. Web App Manifest – The manifest contains the code that enables the web app to work more like a native app when added to the user’s home screen.
  2. Service Worker – It is the script that caches data locally, in the background and enables the PWA to work in offline mode also.
  3. TLS – The PWA is served via Transport Layer Security (HTTPS), which prevents data tampering during transfer.
  4. App Shell Architecture – This allows the caching of the user interface so it works offline and enhances it by populating fresh content through JavaScript.

Brands Using PWA

The year 2018 saw a boom of PWA development. Several brands have adapted this technology to interact with their customers and are observing significantly improved results and stats.

Some of the brands using PWA are Starbucks, Flipkart,, Make My Trip, Twitter, Trivago, Uber, Goibibo, Airbnb, Hulu, Tinder, Pinterest, Duolingo, Zomato, BMW, Forbes and many more.

Why PWA is right for your business?

Indians spend around 3.5 hours online every day. With more than 500 million smartphone users and increasing Internet penetration, the market for Progressive Web Apps is huge. In a mobile-first economy like ours, it is imperative for businesses to anticipate consumer needs and adapt technology to provide a seamless user experience.

Progressive Web Apps

  • are less expensive and take less time to build as compared to the native mobile apps, thus even small and medium-sized businesses can leverage it.
  • have the features of real-time alerts and push notifications to engage your customers and keep them coming back.
  • can enhance the buying experience with compatibility to all devices and browsers.
  • are independent of app distribution platforms. For launching a PWA, you do not have to go through the hassle of registering it on the app store.
  • require low space in the phone memory which results in a fast-loading speed.

Where to begin?

If you are looking for ways to increase the usage of your web apps, engage your customers more, and increase conversions, then PWA is the way to go. With less cost, time, and effort you get higher profitability.

At eBizIndia, we have the experience of working with diverse clients across the globe and providing them with solutions that increase their business growth.

Below are some Progressive Web Apps we developed for our clients:

  • Lead stats – The lead stats PWA was built for a home improvement company which generates about 100 leads per day. They use it to monitor the lead flow.
  • Event schedule – This PWA has been used by several event organisers to register the attendees. They provide a dynamically updated event schedule and to collect the feedback for each session.
  • Order tracker app – This app is used by a distribution company to track the received orders in real-time. The salespeople of the company punch the orders from the customer site and the HO immediately gets to see the orders.
  • Bingo Number calling – This is a fun app for calling the numbers when several people are playing Bingo.

We will be happy to create a PWA for you to cater to your unique requirement.