Why You Should Outsource Your WordPress Maintenance?

By master | December 20, 2022

So, you got a WordPress based website developed for your business. Well done! Have you thought about the WordPress maintenance and upkeep of your site? Do you have an in-house team that can take care of SEO, speed, and security aspects along with content updates? Or you will prefer to outsource it?

Managing a website involves a list of tedious tasks to be performed. Some of them are:

  • Website backup and restoration
  • Running security and performance scans
  • Software updates
  • Website cleanup in case of any hacks
  • SEO and content audit

There are parts of WordPress maintenance that you can automate like software updates and data backups. Then, there are other activities like SEO, security, and performance optimization, fixing errors that need manual attention.

You can choose to manage these tasks in-house through someone well versed in WordPress skills. However, this is a specialist job and if you do not have a professional support team, your business may get stuck. We recently saw a business owner have his site down for 3 days because of a software update that went wrong.

WordPress is a popular open-source software and therefore, a lucrative target for several hackers who are out there to attack your site. They take over the control and then use your site to carry out hacking and phishing attacks on other sites, thereby jeopardising your site’s reputation.

This leads to the option of outsourcing your WordPress website maintenance to a professional third-party service provider. There is a small investment involved. However, you would be relieved to know that someone is looking after your website and will improve it and fix it whenever required.

Benefits of outsourcing your WordPress site maintenance

  1. Professional service providers have experience and expertise in maintaining a large number of websites. Agencies work with multiple clients, different business challenges, and goals. They understand the technicalities of developing and maintaining websites and can detect and fix issues in lesser time. They also function as your partners/consultants. They share their knowledge and ideas to help your business grow.
  1. You get a strategic approach to maintaining a website. The 3 aspects of maintaining websites include SEO, Speed, and Security. When you work with an agency, they provide a strategic approach to improve the SEO for better rankings.

    They will also increase the website loading speed resulting in better user experience and please Google at the same time. The security aspects of your site are crucial and one needs to continually monitor it.
  2. SEO is a running process and requires consistency and persistence. With a dedicated professional team working on your website, you get the opportunity to boost SEO in a Google-friendly manner.
  1. You get time to focus on more important aspects of your business: When you know that someone is taking care of your website, monitoring it, and providing timely reports for your review, you can invest your time in more demanding business activities.

Points to remember before hiring a WordPress maintenance agency

  • Be specific with your requirements and expectations. Communicate these clearly.
  • Check for their reviews, ratings, and evaluate their past work.
  • Always choose quality over cost.
  • Discuss the level of support they are providing you.
  • Start with a pilot project before going full throttle.


If your business is growing or you intend to grow it through online promotions, you should consider outsourcing routine maintenance tasks. This way you can focus on the core activities of your business rather than the marketing asset.

If you are a small business and do not intend to invest much in the website, you should get a “one-time review and improve” package rather than a monthly retainer.

We have experience in developing and managing websites for 17 years and are well versed in the challenges of managing a WordPress based site. We know what the current Internet marketing trends are and work with you to help in the growth of your business.

You can start with a pilot project with us and we can get into a maintenance retainer after your satisfaction.

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