Domain Inventory Management – Save 100s of Hours

The Domain Inventory Management System (DIMS) can be used by anyone who is managing a large number of domains. However, domain investors who buy and sell domain names will find it just the right tool for managing their inventory. You can focus on marketing the domain names rather than spend time managing your list of domains, their expiry dates, list of potential buyers, etc.

Domain Inventory

You can record all the details of the various domains in your accounts with different registrars. This includes the expiry date and access details for managing the domains. There will be regular reminders for the domains expiring in the next few days so that you can renew them timely.

Domain Name Generator

If you want to register domains in a certain geography or with keywords, this tool will help you create a large number of domain names that you can check for availability. You can also generate names based on popular brand names.

Sales records

When you sell any domains, you can mark these as sold to update your records. These names will then remain on your list but suitably tagged so that they do not appear in any active lists.

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