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Online product catalog software

Showcase your products privately to customers and prospects,
get more inquiries and book more orders!

Catalog24x7 is an innovative product catalog software that is available over the Internet. Access it from anywhere, anytime. Give password-protected access to your customers and let them see your selected designs, all in one place.

You can create an unlimited number of categories, like New launch, Autumn 2020, Winter 2020, Premium, Economy, etc. Each customer can be given access to one or more specific categories. So you can create a category called Premium designs and tag the designs that you want only your key customers to see.

If you want Daniel, to see 10 specific designs, just create a new category named Daniel and tag these 10 designs to this category. Daniel will be able to see these 10 designs and nothing more.

Customer Related Benefits

  • The customer sees the different categories (that you assign to him or her), when they login to the software.
  • S/he can click on a category name to show small thumbnail images of the different designs within this category.
  • S/he can click on any design to see a larger image and corresponding description and other relevant details. Each customer sees what you want to show him.
  • There is a provision for multiple secondary images for each design (to show it from different angles or to highlight different colour options).
  • The customer can mark certain designs as Favourite and send a business inquiry for these designs through email or WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my customers need to download a software to see my catalog?

No, there is nothing to download or install. They just login to your online software with the provided user name and password.

Can we remove the designs from the catalog?

Yes, any time. You can remove a product from what a particular customer sees or remove it completely.

How can they send us an inquiry if they like something in the catalog?

Your customers can send an inquiry from every product page. They can also shortlist some products and send a single inquiry for all of these.

Many of my customers use WhatsApp to chat with us. Can they send an inquiry through WhatsApp?

Yes. They can send an email or a WhatsApp message to inquire about products, their prices, availability or whatever they need to know.
In fact, you can tag each customer with the number of the relationship manager of that customer so that the inquiry reaches him or her directly.

Can we have our brand on the product catalog software?

Your brand name and logo can be displayed on every page that the customer sees, in the menu bar.

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