Wedding Planning Software – Save 100s of Hours

Wedding planning is a complex and time-consuming job. Wedding plans need frequent updates and involve a team of people – friends, family and relatives. Through planning needs 100s of hours which you would otherwise have spent enjoying the festivities. We can help!

WedPlan software

Our wedding planning software helps you plan the wedding arrangements and all related logistics through a single online software that your entire planning team can use just by logging in from anywhere, anytime.

As this software keeps all the data in a single place, everyone sees the same picture and you do not need to send them updates like you do when using tools like Excel.

Why not just plan with Excel?

Most people plan weddings with Excel and if you have ever done it this way, you know how complicated things can become. Whenever you update something, you need to send the updated copy to all team members and this can soon turn into a major hotch-potch.

You can also use a shared online spreadsheet like Google Sheets but that brings another round of learning how to use into the picture.

Other than maintain simple lists of relatives and events, if you want to do anything complex, you need to have a thorough knowledge of Excel. Why not enjoy the convenience of online planning at a small investment and save 100s of hours of tedious work?

What can you do with WedPlan?

WedPlan helps you to plan the wedding as the name makes clear. You can keep a record of all invitees, RSVPs, events, ceremonies, venues etc.

You get help in calling the invitees and marking their RSVPs. List the gifts you are planning to give to people. You can also record the gifts received from people so that you can thanks them later.

The facility of recording the hotel bookings, arrival and departure details of the guests itself can save you from logistics nightmare when plans are changed at short notice.

There is so much more. You can see the entire list of facilities and even try a full demo of the software. There are special prices for professional wedding planners.

What does WedPlan not do?

  • It does not carry ads. You can work freely without getting interrupted by unwelcome recommendations.
  • It does not have a library of cool dress designs, venue decorations and like. We leave you free to plan these things as per your ideas and from your favourite stores.
  •  The team behind WedPlan does not contact your guests and try to market anything to them. We respect your privacy!