Our customers love us (thank you) due to our complete customer focus and sometimes, send us nice testimonials. You are welcome to have a look.

Choosing Ebizindia Consulting for our website maintenance needs has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Their team consistently delivers top-notch website maintenance services on a retainer basis. They are extremely responsive and always go above and beyond to ensure our website is up to date and running smoothly. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is unmatched. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ebizindia to anyone seeking reliable and top-quality web services.”

David Malik-Davies, The Tax Refund Company, UK

“World class development team. Attention to detail is incredible and their technical knowledge across multiple platforms from WordPress to Sitecore is impressive!”

— Daniel Nolan, StoryAndSearch

“Ebizindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd. did a good job in modernizing the tailor made ERP software used in Indian Chamber of Commerce and migrating it to the cloud. They possess a sound technical team with significant knowledge and experience. Their support function is also prompt and strong.”

— Suman Sarkar, Senior Executive Officer, Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

“Being the oldest chamber of commerce of the country as well as Asia, we were looking for a web developer who we can trust with the image of our chamber, its records, and prompt and continuous updation of its activities. Ebizindia has been of great help in terms of suggestions on improvement as well as service.
We thank Ebizindia & Mr. Arun Agarwal for all the sincere efforts.”

— Kishan Kumar Kejriwal, President, Calcutta Chamber of Commerce.

“Mr. Arun Agrawal of EbizIndia Consulting Pvt Ltd developed a comprehensive and user-friendly website and members directory for our alumni association. His expertise, attention to detail, and proactive problem-solving resulted in a platform that exceeded our expectations. Delivered on time and within budget, his professionalism and dedication were outstanding. Highly recommended!”

— Shyam Agarwal, Secretary, Nopany Alumni Association

“Over the years I’ve known Arun Agrawal, there’s been no question at all in my mind about his technical genius and skill, not to mention his professionalism and generosity. So it isn’t at all surprising that, when I sought Arun’s help with a vexing issue that was making my website load slowly, that he would resolve the matter quickly – and effectively.
Well, barely 72 hours after he weaved his magic on the pages, they load much faster. All the indicators on the traffic report have turned ‘green’ from the earlier ‘amber’. But more importantly, there’s already been a lovely spike in website traffic – by a stunning 600% (yes, six TIMES more visitors)… and I’m sure that will continue to rise until it hits the earlier level, maybe even exceed it!”

— Dr Mani, Paediatric Heart surgeon and Author

Recently, we did a soft launch of our new SAAS product www.enterprisetds.com. While evaluating the page load speed on both ‘Desktop’ and ‘Mobile’, the rating was around 40 – 45. Services of Ebizindia Consulting was sought to evaluate and improve the page load speed. Much beyond our expectations, with their professional assistance, the page load speed is now rated as 96 – 97% which is incredible by any standards. Look forward to avail more such optimization services from Team eBizindia so that we keep improving the experience of our web audience.

— Ranjan Goenka, Enterprise TDS

I have been reading a lot about Web Performance recently. I tested www.LogoDesignTeam.com with Page Speed Insights and was disappointed to see a score of 46 as this is one of my main lead generation sites. I assigned the optimisation work to Ebizindia and was pleasantly surprised to see a score of 93 within 2 days. I am looking forward to many more leads per day with the faster website. 

Will share details of my other websites with you soon so that you can work your magic on them as well .

Thanks, Ebizindia.

– Srish Agrawal, Logo Design Team

Arun is a sheer pleasure to work with. He and his team are always very supportive and frequently go the extra mile for their clients without prompting. A very knowledgeable professional, accommodating and always striving to add value beyond the required. A font of wisdom and cool-headedness, it’s been a privilege working together and I hope we can continue our working relationship far into the future.

— Michael Souter, Safestyle UK

EBizIndia helped our company go from an outdated on-premise database to a cloud SQL database, that is completely customized to our needs and user expectations on functionality and appearance.  Together we built this system with many iterations, mid-project additions, and frequently forgotten aspects with great professionalism and expedience.  We’ve continued to rely on them for their quick response to most issues since going live, and are in the process of working with them to expand on our site’s capabilities and functions.

— Christopher Adkins, Conveyor Handling Company, USA

I have worked with EbizIndia for many years now.  Their work ethic, speed, and experience make them my go-to for all of my business software needs.

— Michael Collins, On the level Concepts, USA

I enjoy working with Ebizindia for regular updates to RBG’s website. Arun ji brings in fresh ideas and solutions to our requirements, in a cost-effective manner and is very approachable for last minute requests. Thank you so much for your services!

— Pallavi Luharuka, Royal Bengal Greentech

We are a startup, struggling with our IT platform. After burning money with 3 different companies we came in touch with Ebizindia. They were able to support us with a custom build IT product. Special thanks Mr Arun Agrawal who takes personal involvement in each project to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

— Rohit Dugar, VAXIA

We are associated with Ebizindia for more than a decade. They are a well managed company. Professionally and quality wise, they are very good to deal with. We are having a very good experience while working with them.

— Mausam Mukherjee, DUROPLY

I have worked with Ebizindia for over a decade. It’s a boutique digital consulting firm doing custom software development and digital marketing. I love the fact that they know how to blend the two practices together. They are a boutique firm with personal attention.

— Abhishek Rungta, INT

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable company. The owner always answers within minutes and helps with all sorts of problems! Highly recommend working with them!

— Tanvi Kejriwal, SREEPRIYA

Had the opportunity to work with Ebizindia on quite a few projects and we were overjoyed in each of those experiences. 3 things that needs special mention: 1) Eye for detailing, 2) Personal attention of senior management and 3) Team’s know-how about the upcoming trends and technologies.

— Srish Agrawal, A1Future

Ebizindia is a very professional setup and a member of NASSCOM. Really enjoy working with Arun Agrawal, and like his dedication towards handling clients & stakeholders! He is a great thought leader and a fantastic moderator as well.

— Nirupam Chaudhuri, NASSCOM

Ebizindia has been maintaining our web sites for more than 5 years now and has consistently delivered highly responsive and top quality service. Their inputs about various usability and Internet marketing related issues have been very useful. They are a valuable member of our marketing team. Highly Recommended!

— Mani Bhatoa, SSUK

We have been with Ebizindia for almost 5 years now, one of the best service provider I have ever come across, service response time is fantastic. Perfect answer for all your mailing and domain solutions. Quality service – keep it up.

— Kunal Bothra, AFI India

It was an absolute delight working with the webile.co.uk team. We were looking for avenues to make our site compatible with mobile browsers when we came across Arun. He took the entire responsibility of design on his shoulders and we had a fantastic mobile website ready with a quick turnaround.
If you want a hassle free professional work, then I would strongly recommend them.

— Bharat Berlia, (www.hire-a-dotnet-programmer.com)

Our customers just love the mobile site – informative and professional. I am so pleased with the result. Big thanks to your team!

— Andy, (www.blazescape.co.uk)