Sitecore Website Maintenance & SEO – Better & Faster Website

Is your website built with Sitecore enterprise CMS? While this is a powerful CMS, Sitecore Website maintenance is a chore. You need an expert team to maintain such sites.

Sitecore developers will have little knowledge about JavaScript and CSS, which is important to maintain the website and add or update functionality.

Sitecore Retainer Advantages

When you appoint Ebizindia to maintain your Sitecore based website, you get the following advantages:

  • We consistently improve the SEO, Speed, and Security parameters of your site.
  • Our team maintains your pages by updating the text, graphics, and look & feel as required by you.
  • We create new pages such as the landing pages, for the different campaigns that you run.
  • Our developers consume as well as create APIs for integration with other systems like CRM, and dialler software.
  • We can also build a back-end admin system for managing the leads. We analyse the source of the leads and track the efficiency of your sales team.

3S Services – SEO, Speed & Security

  • SEO: We work on improving the SEO potential of your site by updating the key elements related to search engine ranking. We insert suitable schema codes and other such information that Google and other search engines use to rank you higher.
  • Speed: We make the Sitecore based site much faster by integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN). One of our clients has 97% of the traffic being served by the CDN, thereby heavily reducing the server load. This results in massive savings in hosting costs, every month.
  • Security: We make your site much more secure by adding security-related settings and form validations to heavily reduce the risk of getting hacked. You are well aware of the cost of a down website.

Client Service for Our Maintenance Retainers

We regularly get comments like “Awesome”, “That was fast!” from our clients. We assign a dedicated relationship manager for you to assign all the work through a single point-of-contact. This person then gets the assignment delivered through the appropriate resource for the job.

Sitecore Retainer Case Study

One of our clients with a Sitecore based website went from < 100 leads per day to ~1,000 leads per day. They are getting better results every day and their marketing campaigns are seeing new heights of success with consistently improving CRO on their site.

Assignment channels

We set up a dedicated ticket system for you to send up the assignments and track their progress. You can also contact us through email, phone, or WhatsApp as per your comfort factor.

How to begin

You don’t need to make a big commitment initially. Just give us a small review or update job for your Sitecore website and let us deliver this to your full satisfaction. Then we can engage in a detailed retainer arrangement. Our contracts are monthly and you can cancel any time though we are confident you will not need to. 🙂