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Do you feel that your lead generation website can do better? Is your IT team struggling to keep it fast-loading, secure, and optimised for generating a higher number of leads? Let the Ebizindia website maintenance team boost the productivity and profits of your company through your website.

The problem

The Internet is a dynamic medium and the rules of success with website marketing change very frequently. If you want to keep your website producing great results, you need a team of designers, developers, SEO experts, CRO experts, and people who understand the way Internet marketing works.

However, it is an expensive proposition for a company to maintain an army of such professionals.

Ebizindia team to the rescue

The Ebizindia team includes people with skill sets in all the fields related to producing better results with your website – more leads, more business!

We take care of site speed performance, CRO, SEO, Analytics, security, backend admin, content, and much more. No need for expensive in-house technical staff that can only handle a few areas. You can start by using our 3s-services.

We have been handling sites based on Sitecore, WordPress, Magento, and Laravel as well as bespoke developments. Your company consistently gets improved results, more leads and sales, and a better Return-on-Investment (ROI) overall.

When you hire our web maintenance services, you get a single point of contact to whom you can assign all your website update work and reporting responsibilities.

Web-based Business Management Software!

Our business operations management system, custom-built per your exact requirements, can be deployed over the cloud or your server. All authorized members of your company can log in and operate it. This is available 24×7 from anywhere. We also have several SaaS (Software as a Service) software offerings:

Please feel free to check out the benefits and ask for a demo by visiting these sites.

In today’s competitive world, you need efficient business management software to manage company operations. Other than accounts, there are several operational aspects where good workflow software can help you with increased productivity and profitability.

This could include one or more leads follow-up systems, customer relation management, dealers’ and customers’ order management. We also develop software for offsite expense tracking, document management, leave approval systems, or other operational areas. We have expertise in creating as well as using APIs.

Most companies use spreadsheet software like Excel for such work or different desktop software for different modules. However, this approach has limitations like a lack of interlinking and varying user interfaces.

Check out some case studies of jobs we have done for clients.

About Ebizindia

Arun Agrawal, Ebizindia director

At Ebizindia, led by the principal consultant, Arun Agrawal, our team works with selected clients and offers highly personalized services. You will find our turnaround time for most projects to be much quicker than your expectations.

We have a responsive tech team that understands your requirements and applies the required changes to improve the website quality and content for an excellent User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

We can use APIs from different services as well as build new APIs for integration with other tools and services.

We take great pride in the fact that more than 90% of our clients continue to work with us for several years after their initial assignment. We have many clients whom we are serving for more than 19 years. Read more…


We have sincere gratitude to our clients who assign us responsibilities for improving their business results with our web maintenance and software development activities.

Choosing Ebizindia Consulting for our website maintenance needs has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Their team consistently delivers top-notch website maintenance services on a retainer basis. They are extremely responsive and always go above and beyond to ensure our website is up to date and running smoothly. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is unmatched. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ebizindia to anyone seeking reliable and top-quality web services.

— David Malik-Davies, The Tax Refund Company, UK

Arun is a sheer pleasure to work with. He and his team at Ebizindia are always very supportive and frequently go the extra mile for their clients without prompting. A very knowledgeable professional, accommodating, and always striving to add value beyond the required. A font of wisdom and cool-headedness, it’s been a privilege working together and I hope we can continue our working relationship far into the future.

— Michael Souter, Safestyle UK

We have used web hosting and maintenance services from Ebizindia for a long time. Their service and support have been top notch and we have always received a quick response whenever we needed some support. I can highly recommend their service!

— Debasish Majumder, IT manager, New Kenilworth Hotels

I have been reading a lot about Web Performance recently. I tested www.LogoDesignTeam.com with Page Speed Insights and was disappointed to see a score of 46 as this is one of my main lead generation sites. I assigned the optimisation work to Ebizindia and was pleasantly surprised to see a score of 93 within 2 days. I am looking forward to many more leads per day with the faster website. 

Will share details of my other websites with you soon so that you can work your magic on them as well 🙂

Thanks, Ebizindia.

— Srish Agrawal, Logo Design Team

Here are some more testimonials from our happy clients.

How can YOU begin?

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