10 Ways to Improve Online Shopping Experience and Increase Conversions

By master | December 20, 2022

The consumers are fast switching to online shopping in response to the changing dynamics of the world. They have so many options at their disposal that it is difficult to grab their attention. Ecommerce stores need to provide an excellent shopping experience for visitors, to increase sales.

How do you provide an awesome online shopping experience?

Well, here are a few ways in which you can improve the user experience and have them coming back to your shop.

  1. Make your site load fast: A slow-loading website results in reduced conversions. When a site takes more than 4 seconds to load, you lose 25% of your online visitors. It is crucial to constantly monitor the website loading speed, and optimise it for all devices: the desktop and on mobiles.
  1. Improve the navigation by adding a Search bar: The customers should be able to see the desired products very quickly. In addition to friendly navigation, you need to have a powerful search mechanism.

    Another method of improving the shopping experience is by reducing the number of clicks from finding a product to purchasing it.
  1. Check for broken links and 404 errors: Broken links, page redirects, and technical errors like 404 frustrate the users. You can use Google Search Console or the Ahrefs Webmaster tool to locate these errors. You can also use a broken link checker to identify missing pages and fix them.
  1. Use clear and concise copy: Convey the advantages and details of your product with a clear and crisp language. People don’t want to read a fluffy copy.

    We generally recommend having a copy length proportional to the price of the product. Provide lots of details of pricey products. However, some quick facts can do for inexpensive items. Your copy should be eye-catching and engaging. Too much text or graphics causes clutter on smaller screens and hamper the overall user experience.
  1. Place CTAs wherever necessary: The calls to action (CTA) are very vital for increasing sales. If you write great copy and leave the user to find out the BUY button, you may be leaving Dollars on the table.

    Put suitable action buttons like Buy Now, Place Order, Register, and like at appropriate places within the copy and preferably at the end of the page so that the user can take quick action.
  1. Create detailed product pages: You must use photos and videos along with comprehensive product description to provide the users with all the information they need before making a purchase decision. Let the users know if the product is a bestseller. Show the colour or size variations where available.

    Answer typical questions people have in mind before buying your thing.
    Unanswered questions lead to procrastination.
  1. Do not forget to add customer testimonials: Always remember to add customer ratings and reviews at multiple touchpoints of the user journey. A user is highly influenced by the experience of other customers and a major part of their decision-making depends on these testimonials.
  1. Simplify the checkout process: A poor checkout experience can frustrate the users and lead them to abandon the cart and never visit your website again.

    If you want your customers to keep coming back and buy more products from your store, it is important to provide a seamless checkout process. Users should be able to add products to the cart easily and buy them with the minimum number of clicks.
  1. Integrate a live chat for customer assistance: A live chat feature can greatly improve the customer experience by providing real-time support without having to wait on phone lines or email. Live chat provides solutions to customer queries and guides them through processes like account settings, product refunds, ordering process, and billing options, etc.
  1. Employ mystery shoppers to test the shopping experience: One effective method of testing the user experience is by employing mystery shoppers who test the website and the entire purchase journey. They identify any flaws or errors that can hinder the overall buying experience. Once these rough edges are smoothened, you can expect your sales to grow much more.

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