SEO for Steel Strips Company

By master | October 31, 2020

We have done web site redesign, search engine optimisation, and blog setup for this client.


Kolkata based company selling steel strips.

Website redesign

We redesigned the website with a simple, yet elegant structure as the client had a fairly low amount of information to display and a restricted budget.

Search Engine Optimisation

We applied various search engine optimisation activities like meta tags, page structure work, and linking. A big link campaign was not carried out due to a limited budget.

Added a blog

We added a blog to the site and suggested to the client to blog regularly and frequently on different industry-related news and offer his views. He started posting new items on the blog about the steel industry.

The blog settings were optimised to comply with the search engine guidelines.


The result of the work was impressive. The client got several inquiries and a couple of orders within 15 days.

Naturally, we cannot guarantee this type of result for every client but you will definitely get vastly improved results from your site. However, this client had a high Return on Investment and has carried on blogging since that time.

Feel free to contact us if you want us to upgrade your website and apply SEO work to improve your ranking potential and generate new leads from the site.