Geotechnical Engineering & Survey Operations Management Software

By master | October 31, 2020

Case study: We recently built operations management software for a company. Here are some details. If you have a similar requirement, talk to us and we can help you streamline your operations too.


A geotechnical survey company that does geotechnical investigations, highway engineering and bridge design. They are based in Kolkata, India.

Remote Site Expenses

They have several survey projects running at remote sites where the executives have to spend money on different activities. The expenses report was sent once per month causing delay and allowing a chance to fudge the expenses.

We created a mobile compatible system wherein the expenses under different projects and heads have to be entered within the next day only. As this is linked to the central system, the HO gets the expense details immediately upon entry. This closes a big loophole and allows for better management of remote site expenses.

Timesheet management

The timesheet management module allows executives to record the time spent on different activities and projects. This is compared to the total CTC of the executive and person-wise profitability is calculated for each such person.