Insurance Agent Website – Quick Tips

By master | November 1, 2020

I was recently approached by an insurance agent for consulting on Web-based marketing and building a website for the same. Here is the advice I gave him based on his budget and needs:

You should have a website built with the home page showing 1-2 special reasons why people should use your services. These could be “You have x years of experience”, “you have a big team, so enough redundant resources” etc.

Mention your main services like what types of insurances you provide, with links to pages having more details on each. Then you put your contact information so that interested prospects can contact you.

Each service page will list one type of insurance and highlight the benefit of getting that insurance. Include as many questions and their answers on this topic that the prospects typically ask. Put a call to action that sends the user to a form for contacting you.

Add a Blog to Your Website

In the blog, you can list case studies of your clients and mention what type of insurance they were needing and what solution you offered to them. You can also take up one question that people typically ask and answer that in details with more facts and figures than what you could put on the service page.

Don’t use technical jargon. Use the language of your customer, something that general people can easily understand. You should also refrain from creating hype. Avoid making false and ‘over the top’ claims like 20% ROI. Stick to the basics – people prefer to work with clear and honest people.

Don’t try to post 5 posts in one day – you will get very bored soon. Keep a minimum target of 1 post per week – this makes it 52 posts after 1 year. Twice a week is pretty good. Each post should be a little detailed and have the least amount of sales pitch.

Once the posts are done, you can post on Facebook and Twitter with the URL of the post and a teaser line. As more and people visit your site and the blog, you will start getting popular and some of these visitors might call and ask you for help, generating new business for you.

Feel free to contact us if you want such a website set up for you.