Web Page Speed – is your website fast enough?

How fast do your web pages load? You might know that Google and other search engines now consider page loading speed as a vital factor in ranking your site. In fact, the page speed also helps you keep the users longer on the site because a slow website makes them abandon the site. So what are you doing about it?

There are several ways to improve the loading speed of your pages:

  • Optimize the images – you can make do with much lower resolution on the web. Also do not resize the images on the fly – make an exact size image.
  • Employ Gzip or mod_deflate based compression. This will compress the html, js and css pages at the server end and the browser will decompress them at the user level, reducing the amount of data transferred and making the page load faster.
  • Employ caching of files – you do not need to reload all the files when loading the next page or reloading the same page. Several assets can be used from the browser cache.
  • Use multiple sub-domains – A browser typically loads only 2 files at a time from one source. So if you can load images from multiple sources (like a different 3rd level sub-domain), more of these can be brought in together. However you should not employ too many resources as each domain name takes some time to resolve.

Applying these tricks can make your websites load faster and offer a much better experience to the user, resulting in higher response rates. Our web maintenance service optimizes several aspects of your website to improve the response rate and lets you generate more leads for the same marketing expense. Check out the details today!

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