UK Phone Number Validation: Quick Tip

Recently I was reviewing the UK phone number validation on a web service we built for a web maintenance client. I noticed that a large number of people have entered phone numbers in the format 447….. instead of the more traditional 07….. and are therefore getting rejected. Just by updating the validation to accept such numbers, we will salvage around 5 leads per day. This is equivalent to 150 more leads per month or 1825 more leads per year. Not bad for 15 minutes of work.

Here is a summary: 

  • Typically UK users enter phone numbers as 020….., 01274….. etc. The mobile numbers are mostly 07…..
  • While this is fairly well standardised, there are some users who enter numbers like 7….. (without the leading zero), or as 447….. (44 is UK country code). A few may try to enter +447….. (technically much more accurate as this will work from anywhere in the world). You should be able to accept these. We have adopted a pre-processing script that converts all these to the much more standardised 020….. or 07….. type formats.
  • Some people also enter numbers like 4407….. where the zero following the 44 is not needed. We also take care of removing these extra zeroes.

These changes are quite small but have allowed us to accept several more submissions and will increase the daily lead count by a nice margin.

Check out your validation routines to locate such blocks and clear them up. Or you can engage our web maintenance team to review and update your entire website.


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