If you are a PHP programmer or willing to learn PHP programming (and already know C++ or ASP), this is a unique opportunity to work and polish your skills by working directly under me. Even if you have completed your engineering in the last year and are doing a mundane job that is getting you more frustrated than excited, you can be a fit candidate.

The PHP development work we do focusses heavily on efficient and usable design. While you will be drawing a nice salary, you will get tremendous satisfaction and excitement at learning from an expert developer with an intimate knowledge of systems.

You will be working on PHP 5 based projects where we will discuss how and why database designs should be done in a particular way – What are the best ways to do efficient coding and how to reuse the old code and systems for quick turnaround of the projects.

Interested? Send an email to hr AT mentioning “PHP” and a paragraph about why you should be chosen for this. Attach your updated CV also. As you can understand, this are limited openings and you might lose out if you are slow in taking decision.

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