Solid State Hosting: SSD Makes Your Websites Much Faster

We are pleased to share with you that we have upgraded our web server to solid state hosting with much better CPU and more RAM. All of this results in highly improved loading speed for our websites and also those of our clients hosting their websites with us. As we see it, we are the first company in Kolkata to offer solid state hosting now. We also offer the enhanced speed and security for websites through our partnership with Cloudflare, which can be activated through your Cpanel based control panel directly.

For technically inclined people, we now have a fully solid state drive (SSD) as our main drive where the operating system, websites and the databases lie. This replaces the moving SATA based drives and improves the latency of data by several factors. We do backup our data daily on the regular SATA drives.

We were not getting good support from our earlier hosts and therefore some support calls were getting delayed responses. We have now moved to LiquidWeb on the recommendation of some good friends and let me just say this – we are mightily pleased. They response quickly and the support staff know their job, they do not fire canned messages and leave the rest to us. If you are thinking of getting a dedicated server or a VPS, we are happy to recommend LiquidWeb whole-heartedly.


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