Page Speed Improvement for Better Rankings and Conversions

Google has gone public with its love for fast loading pages. These pages get better user response because less users abandon these fast pages having got bored while they were still loading. For the same reason, Google also considers page speed as one of the factors in its ranking algorithm.

Do your web sites’ pages load fast? What are you doing to make this better? One of the easiest ways is to use the Page Speed add-on for Firefox and to analyze your top pages with it. Implement the suggestions and you will make major progress in the Page speed score. Well, this does require high level understanding of the servers, web hosts and web design but the benefits are well worth the time spent. We have some Page Speed Improvement tips here.

If you want external help, feel free to contact us – we have helped several sites go from a score of 71 to 90+. and the 2nd page onwards load even faster. So you will have better rankings and higher conversion rates from the users. Very useful if you use Adwords or a similar PPC model for getting traffic.

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