Iphone Compatible Website Development

Did you know there are millions of mobile users who are not operating their computers but need your product or service? What is your game plan to reach these prospects?

With the advancement in technology, a large number of mobile phones are now equipped with 3G or Edge or even GPRS that lets the owners browse the Internet. However these devices do not have the same screen size and the large keyboards like the regular desktop and laptop computers. They also have much slower access speed as compared to the high speed broadband enjoyed by the desktops.

These people want to access your regular website with their iPhones, Blackberries and other smartphones but what does your site look like on their browsers? Is it easy to use on these devices also?

We can create a mobile compatible version of your website that will be very easy to use on the small screens of the handhelds and people will find it convenient to check up facts and place inquiries or orders directly while the idea is hot in their minds. No more “let me remember this URL and I will check it out from my office” delays.

Check out these websites that we have configured recently:

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» Ebizindia web development company (that’s us)

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» EasyBM online bookmarking service (register to see mobile version)

Web application for iPhone and smartphone accessWe even implement an auto-sense and auto-redirect facility so that the mobile surfers are automatically sent to the compact version when they access your regular web address. So you do not have to advertise two URLs.

You don’t want to lose a large number of the prospects because they could not contact you while the idea was hot in their minds and they forgot your URL when they reached home or office. This is your chance to tap into the affluent prospect base – people who access websites from their iphones and other smartphones have better buying power.

“Isn’t it expensive to build a mobile compatible website?”

Actually no. We can setup a mobile version of your website starting from a low $200. It may be a little higher if your site has a large number of products – however you will be able to recover this meager investment with the first few orders. We understand that as a smart business owner, you are always looking for new places to advertise and this is a very potent avenue for sure.

All smart business owners are tapping the mobile marketing – Join them!