Explode Your Website Conversions With Auto Intent Scanner

What do you want to do today?

We are pleased to announce the launch of public beta of our Auto Intent System (patent pending), the revolutionary technology that accurately estimates the intent of website visitors and automatically directs them towards a sales page or an information page to maximize conversion potential.

Why bother with intent?

When a person visits a web site, he typically does so with the intent to find out more information about a problem or the solution to that. At times, the person has made up the mind to buy something and is looking for the best place to buy it from.

However if we send an information seeker to the sales page, he does not like being bombarded with aggressive sales pitch and bails out while sending a buyer to an information based page like an article can hold him from being able to buy that product quickly resulting in frustration and may be, a lost sale.

How does AIS Work?

auto-intent-scannerOur proprietary Auto Intent System (AIS) uses sophisticated statistical algorithms to analyse several factors like the keyword used, search engine or referral source, sites visited in the recent past and other tabs open in the browser. It even turns on the web camera momentarily to take a quick snapshot of the visitor and stores it in the visitor table. Based on these factors, it makes qualified assumptions about the visitor intent and automatically redirects the visitor to a sales page or an article page.

While the sales page lets him complete the purchase quickly and without any hindrance, the article page asks him to download more information in exchange for contact information so that you can follow up with him and gradually push him towards buying the item. This approach maximizes the conversion for both types of visitors.

“We tested the process with several websites, some of which sell consumer products, while others were lead generation type sites. We have been extremely pleased with the boost in conversion rates of these sites with our technology”, Arun Agrawal, director.

How can you use it on your sites?

Once the wizards of data analysis and machine learning had unleashed their magic by designing the algorithm, the biggest challenge for our technical team was to implement this in a way that was easy to apply on different sites.

Now you can just upload the required files to your web server, fill up a short form and flip the switch. This works equally well on a Linux or a Windows based server.

The AIS system is self-learning and as people buy things or subscribe for more information, it keeps on tuning its internal database to make even better judgment. You will start noticing the increased conversion rate and registering new sales with as little as a hundred visitors.

How much does it cost?

We are inviting a few select companies to test the system on their sites and these companies will get the AIS system for FREE (with lifetime updates) in return for providing a feedback and testimonials. For others, we will be charging a nominal monthly fee, which will be below $100 per month.

Check out the demonstration of the technology and register for private beta (FREE) here!

Please tell your friends and colleagues about this innovation and earn their goodwill. 🙂