We have released a small business marketing plan for small businesses that serve a small area like a city or a town. You may be providing home improvement services, be a florist or offering a catering service. You may be having a small fine dining restaurant at the downtown.

Whatever you do, you need to be highly visible on the Internet because people are now searching for vendors and shops on the Internet. Yes, even from their mobiles. Have you put out a yellow pages ad and hoping for the best?

Check out this affordable small business marketing plan and you can look forward to new business leads at a regular pace.

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We get a lot of inquiries from people who have registered with ebizelindia or some other companies marketing educational courses on multi-level-marketing (MLM) basis.

This is to clarify that we have no connection with this company and you may kindly visit their website to get further details and clarification for your concerns.

We do not sell educational courses, nor deal in MLM products. We offer web design, development, promotion and maintenance services.

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Wish you a very rewarding and successful 2010 and beyond!

We are hoping that you will achieve an excellent turnover in your business, have tons of satisfied clients and enjoy lots of happiness at the personal level. Work like a fanatic and enjoy like crazy.

Warm regards
All of us at Ebizindia

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Our director, Arun Agrawal, recently made a presentation at the Nasscom meeting on the topic “How to Get More Business From Your Website!”. It was received very well by the audience for the highly interactive presentation. They loved the direct, actionable tips that can be implemented quite easily by any website owner without any extra cost.

Please enjoy the slides from the presentation and feel free to increase your sales and profit with the help of these tips. If you need help in implementing any of these ideas on your website, please contact us on the number listed here and we can work out a plan for you.

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